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Leading manufacturer and supplier of quality Recycle papers including White coated/uncoated duplex boards, M.G. Kraft papers, Test Liner, File Covers, Chip Boards, cover papers, White and color Bristol Boards, Manila Boards, and more. Trusted brand due to consistent quality. And also first ever tissue Paper manufacturing company in Sri Lanka added to its portfolio.

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About Us

Nalaka Group of companies would like to humbly look back at our journey of 25 years of excellence as a rewarding experience. We have grown up to be one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of an optimum quality range of Recycle papers. In this product range, we offer White coated/ uncoated duplex boards, M.G. Kraft papers, Test Liner, File Covers, Chip Boards, cover papers, White and color Bristol Boards, Manila Boards among others. Owing to our consistency in delivering quality paper, we have managed to become the most trusted brand in the market.... We have been able to maintain consistency in quality as per customer specification. By delivering qualitative paper at competitive prices to the patrons, we have managed to garner a rich clientele in the market. By continuously improving the effectiveness of our quality management system, we have managed to earn the trust of our clients and attain total customer satisfaction. We have 25 years of experience in this field, and we strive for continuous technological up gradation of the production lines. It allows us to offer a vast array of technical grade products to varied sectors. Our firm is also well-equipped with printing and conversion facility, which helps us maintain an edge in this competitive market. Nalaka exercise book Industries (Pvt) Ltd is our main one of the leading school exercise book manufacture company in Sri Lanka. We have managed to become a leading manufacturer of Recycle paper in the country. Extensive research and developmental work is the keystone for our great success. To ensure safe delivery of our paper at clients' end, we pack these using graded packaging material procured from trusted vendors of the market. 'Mr.Nalaka Nishantha Perera (Managing Director) is the mentor as well as guide of our organization. Under his expert supervision, we have managed to stay ahead in this highly competitive market. We export our products to Asia, Middle East, South East Asia and Indian Subcontinent..

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Vision & Mission

  • To maintain customer orientation as a key focus and to establish strong interpersonal links with customers.
  • To network with established suppliers and to maintain an enduring coherence with them.
  • To ensure that all manufacturing processes are environment friendly.
  • To be socially responsible to all involved with the company. All items manufactured must be in accordance with quality standards..
  • To utilize human resources in the most effective and efficient way. In order to optimize productivity, human resources need to be sufficiently catered to, and treated in a highly proficient manner.

Our Advance Machines

  • Our whole production line is fully computerized.
  • It Includes fully updated advanced new methods.

Our Products

Our complete array encompasses white coated duplex board (White Back Grey Back) 200 to 500 GSM M.G. Kraft paper (100 to 400 GSM) Test Liner, File Covers, Chipboard, Cover Paper, Bristol Board, (White & Colour) Manila Board Craft Liner board, Corrugated Paper etc. All these are manufactured from super grade raw materials that are sourced from reputed vendors

Nalaka Tissue Paper

It's time to go beyond and expand to new horizons, by setting a new standard for the manufacturing industry, let's welcome "The First Ever Tissue Paper Manufacturing Company" in Sri Lanka!

With unparalleled technology and a proficient team by our side, we are here to dominate and conquer new challenges. Are you ready to join hands with us?


Main Machine

  • Virgin Pulp and chemicals are mixed in pulpers.
  • Composition of pulp and chemical is varied according to the final product required (Facial/Toilet/ Napkin/ Kitchen/ Bed Rolls).
  • Liquid pulp is sent through moulds to make it into wet sheet form.
  • Passed through many dryers with high temperature to dry the wet sheet.
  • Pressed through presse rolls.
  • Sheet is winded on to the pope reel at the end.

Through the Rewinder machine

  • Rewind the reel collected at the pope reel into the final reel while trimming to exact reel width required by the customer.
  • Packed in polythene wrapping and delivered to the customer.

Main Products

  • Facial Tissues
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Napkins
  • Toilet Tissues
  • Bed Paper Rolls

Product Range

It is used for all kinds of books, magazines, catalogues, maps, advertisement posters, note books etc.

  • Exercise books
  • Colouring books
  • Drawing books
  • CR books

Our greatest strength is our highly skilled & committed workforce, continuous training & retaining, career planning, positive work culture & participative style of management. All these have encouraged development of a committed and motivated team of members setting new benchmarks in terms of productivity, quality & responsibility

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No. 258 A, Galvihara Road,
Dehiwala, Sri Lanka.

No. 132, Borupana Road,
Rathmalana, Sri Lanka.

Horakeyawaa Road, Poruwadanda,
Horana, Sri Lanka.

Pahala Horakeyawaa, Poruwadanda,
Horana, Sri Lanka.

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